Blyth Hazen
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  Getaway     Getaway is an eight foot tall aluminum tower containing a robotically controlled plexiglass "elevator car". Suspended within this moveable chamber is a ball of living moss.

When the gallery is empty, the moss ball rests at about waist level. If anyone enters the gallery and walks toward the sculpture the elevator moves up to the top of the shaft - taking the moss ball out of sight.

This work was originally a comment on "destination" vacations - the idea that as we travel to see beautiful places we begin to destroy/lose what we came to see.

In retrospect however, this work really just seems to be a rather elaborate portrait of a squirrel. You stay really really still and she slowly sneaks closer to you. You move - even just a litte bit - and back up the tree she goes.

Materials: aluminum, cedar, moss, electronics and mechanical devices